A 24-hour supermarket that closes at 6pm – it must be Ireland…

So, I arrive at 17:25 Sunday night in Belfast City Airport, courtesy of FlyBe (20- minutes in the air from Glasgow-Belfast, following wind), and I pick up the hire car.

Tesco logoI drive to the 24-hour Tesco at Holywood to pick up tonight’s tea and a few other things.

While checking out clementines in the fruit aisle, an announcement over the tannoy:

“The store is closing in 5 minutes, would all customers please go to the nearest checkout”

I say to the nearest Tesco bloke “I thought this was a 24-hour store?”. His response: “no, it closes at 6pm on a Sunday, it’s written on the sign by the entrance”.

I thought the point of a 24-hour store was that it opened 24 hours a day, and therefore did not close. Otherwise, it isn’t a 24-hour store?

5 thoughts on “A 24-hour supermarket that closes at 6pm – it must be Ireland…

  1. What, you want a 24 hour shop to be open 24 hours each day??? Next you will be expecting that since we are paying our local assembly members, that they should actually work for the money!! You crazy mainlanders with your wacky ideas.

  2. Must be an English/Irish peculiarity. Scotland doesn’t have Sunday trading laws, so 24 hrs means 24×7.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the store closing, if it means the staff get time off over the weekend. My point is that it shouldn’t then be advertised as a 24 hour store…

  3. Well, ours are adverised too as 24 hour stores but then, if you get close enough to the sign, it says “excepting Sunday where it’s open 1100 to 1700” or whatever. Keeps us on our toes!

  4. It didn’t say 24/7! As for the “it must be ireland” heading, belfast is in the UK! Just sayin

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