Ancestral homestead

On my way back to Mum’s from Newry B&Q today I thought I’d call round to Searce and see what state the old place was in. Searce was the farm the Reid family owned, and where my grandmother, Mary Reid (wife of John Adams) grew up, along with the other Reid uncles and aunts.

While lots of new vernacular-style bungalows are being built just up the hill, Searce itself is falling apart. Forgive the mobile-phone photo quality.

Searce farmhouse – windows and tiles missing
Searce farmhouse

and outbuildings – I remember Eddie and Uncle George throwing hay bales into this shed when I was wee
Searce outbuildings

and even horses in the field where Uncle George kept his!
Horse at Searce

I also never realised before how great the view from Searce was. This picture is taken looking SSE, along the length of Carlingford Lough, with the Mournes on the left and the Carlingford Mountains on the right. This picture doesn’t do it justice – in any other part of the world Searce would have been turned into a cute holiday cottage.
View along Carlingford Lough from Searce

Nice to see the old place again, shame it is so delapidated. But that’s our ancestral home.

5 thoughts on “Ancestral homestead

  1. Perhaps we could all buy it as an Adams’ holiday home? (with a bit of touching up obviously)

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  3. My great great-grandmother was Sarah Reid, a daughter (or wife) of John Reid, and my father remembers visiting Searce as a boy. He later lived at Latt House, which was also owned by the Reid family.

    Having spent all my life in England, I know very little of the family history in Ireland so this website has been a real treat. Do you have any more information about the Reids?

  4. Hi Alison, thanks for your comment. I suspect that your relatives are from the “other” Reids of Searce. My (great) Uncle George was referred to as Big George, Wee George Reid lived a few hundred metres away. The two families were unrelated.

    I’ll drop you an email with some further detailed information.

    You may also be interested in the collection of letters from my paternal grandfather, John Adams, during WWI. In particular, there’s a POW letter from William Lockhart of Searce to my great grandfather Isaac Reid (

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