Bee Adams 1933-2009

Bee Adams wedding

My Mum, Bee Adams, passed away on Sunday after a short stay in hospital, and her funeral is tomorrow.

Olive Beatrice (Bee) Thompson was born in Larne in 1933, youngest of five children of Mary and William Thompson. They moved to Markethill (?late 1930s/early 1940s) where William was a police sergeant at Markethill RUC station. Bee always remembered her father sounding the air raid siren on top of the police station, and how Gosford was used to house German prisoners and American GIs.

Bee finished her schooling in Ballyclare, and enrolled as a trainee teacher in Stranmillis College. She met John Adams there, and they married in July 1958 and moved to Hamilton’s Bawn. She took up a teaching post at Salter’s Grange Primary School where John also worked. Bee spent most of her teaching life in Salter’s Grange, and saw several generations of children through their primary education. She retired in 1985 after approximately 30 years.

She had four sons. Unfortunately Derek (born 1964) had Downs Syndrome and sadly died at 18 months. This was a body-blow to Bee and John, a deep sadness that she never lost.

The Troubles also dominated Bee’s life, as John was a member of the Ulster Defence Regiment in a volatile part of Northern Ireland. Although many friends and colleagues were killed, the UDR also offered new horizons and opportunities, and the chance to meet many people from outside Northern Ireland. It is difficult to imagine the stress of those years, particularly for Bee who was affected by the uncertainty of waiting, wondering and worrying.

Unfortunately John died suddenly in 1997. Bee became ill in April 2004 and spent several months in hospital and Roxborough House, Moy. With the help of Premier Care, and particularly her carers Jennifer and Caroline, she was able to continue to live independently at home for over four years.


3 thoughts on “Bee Adams 1933-2009

  1. Sorry to hear about your Mum, John. Condolences to yourself, Roger, Mark and families.


  2. John

    Alex, Avril and I were much saddened to hear of the death of Auntie Bee. Unfortunately we did not know that she had died until after her funeral, so please accept our apologies for not being there. You must know that she had a special place in our hearts and that had we known, we would have wanted to pay our last respects to her.

    Both your mother and father played very important roles in our childhood and much deserved the “Auntie” and “Uncle” titles which we bestowed on them. They are both remembered with great love by the three of us.

    Please accept our sincere condolences to you, Roger and Mark. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

    Anne, Alex and Avril

  3. John, It was a privilege reading about your Mum. It is humbling to hear about life’s challenges that our parent’s generation faced. One of my colleagues at work who lost her mother called into my office last week to share something of her Mother’s life. She had heard I was going to Wales this summer and her Mother was Welsh. She met her husband and came to live in rural Lanarkshire. Quite a change. Each person’ life is unique and precious in God’s sight. Continuing to remember you just now.

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