Bye Bye Bawn

After almost 84 years, the Adams family bid farewell to Hamilton’s Bawn today, with the completion of the sale of my Mum’s house.

My grandfather and grandmother first moved to the village in 1926, my father was born there and lived all his life there, and me and my brothers grew up in the village. My parents built a new bungalow on a greenfield site opposite my grandparent’s house in 1967, moving in in 1968, and lived there for the rest of their lives.

Building Site 1
The house as a building site in 1967

hamilton's bawn
The house in 2010

My grandfather and father were heavily involved in the local branches of the Orange, Black and Masonic orders, they were both founding members of the local Silver Band in 1947 and they had a really strong personal identity with the area.

However my brothers and I all moved away in our late teens and have lost our connection with the village on the death of both our parents. While I am really pleased that we’ve been able to sell the house to a young family and we hope that they’ll be very happy there, the sale breaks that 84-year link between our family and “The Bawn”.

There’s something about our identities that will always mean that we’re from that particular place. We’ve been shaped by it’s history, particularly during the troubled times of the 1970s and 1980s, but also by the history of our family in that small area. The view from the front of the house across to Garvagh Hill is imprinted on my brain and I’ll never ever forget that I’m from “The Bawn”.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bawn

  1. Found this on a Google search for Bawns. End of an era indeed. :(

    I know exactly what you mean about Garvagh Hill. That beautiful green dome never leaves you. I remember the above view of the house very well too, but with your Dad’s brown Triumph Dolomite parked outside (and you Mum’s Simca?)! Anyway, many happy memories of playing in that garden with old Snowball – and Roger and Mark too of course…


  2. Jonathan,

    Thanks for your kind comments. You have a good memory – I’d forgotten the Simca (although now you mention it, I did drive it into the front of the house one evening while Mum and Dad were out).

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