Markethill RUC station in WW2

Update 22/02/2007: The article was actually written by my aunt Fay!

I was just googling the BBC website this evening when I came across this article on Markethill RUC Station during WW2. The article mentions the following events that my Mum has always mentioned:

  • American GIs at Gosford.
  • German PoWs at Gosford – and also at Markethill RUC station.
  • Sounding the air raid siren at Markethill.

My grandfather William Thompson was the station sergeant during the War and my Mum remembers him sounding the air raid siren, and also visiting the PoWs and GIs at Gosford. She remembers that the GIs brought bananas, oranges and chocolate for the first time in many years.

Gosford Castle

My Mum has a good picture of Markethill RUC station before the Troubles made external alterations essential! I must get a scan of this…

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