Harvest time

It is that time of the year when everything starts happening at the same time. Beans, lettuces, courgettes, chillis, tomatoes, blackberries and herbs all in full production mode. Helped by the mix of rain and sun we’ve had this summer.

Next to come, the fruits – apples, pears and plums.

I love it!

Burrowing field mice

Field mouse

The family of field mice that have been resident in our garden for a couple of years have now started to burrow under the garage, leaving big mounds of soil in on the greenhouse floor.

So, despite them being cute, it’s time to stop them. We have bought two traps, loaded them with Fruit and Nut, and in two nights we’ve caught 4 mice.

I’ll keep a running tally here….

Update: 21/01/2008 Days: 6 Mice caught: 6

None for the last 2 nights. I wonder is that it?