Roger Adams cycles End-to-End
Land's End to John O'Groats

The Backup Team

The team have borrowed a digital camera for the duration.
Here are some piccies of the vitally important Backup Team:

The backup team
The backup team in the Roger Recovery Vehicle...
This vehicle is equipped with special Ball-pit locators and Coffee-house sniffers. It also has an inability to travel as slowly as Roger.

Where does this bit go, Caitlin?
A vital part of every day's activities is the pre-cycle check that the bicycle does have at least one, preferably two wheels.

The Roger Recovery Vehicle
The exterior of this vehicle may look like a Toyota Van, but inside it is packed with the latest high-tech bicycling solutions. I think there's even a spare puncture repair kit...

Riona and a lolly
It's really hard work on the backup team, especially on a hot day.