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Marromeu Flood Relief

  • Marromeu is a busy town on the lower Zambezi River in central Mozambique.

  • The town has been growing rapidly since Compagnia de Sena ('Sena Sugar') began rebuilding the sugar factory at Marromeu in 1999.

  • January 2001 saw flooding hit Mozambique again, this time striking the Zambezi valley very hard.

  • Marromeu was evacuated and the area surrounding the town was flooded. The town was cut off completely, and access was only possible by helicopter. Many houses, built traditionally of mud, have been destroyed, and crops have been ruined.

  • See some pictures of the floods, taken in February-March 2001.

Tim and Miranda Heathcote
  • Tim and Miranda Heathcote have been working in Marromeu for nearly two years. They work for Youth with a Mission (YWAM).

  • Tim and Miranda were in the UK when the flooding occurred. On their return they have begun, with their colleagues in Mozambique, to assist in the reconstruction of people's lives, helping them to rebuild their homes, replace lost property and buy food, which will inevitably be more expensive. Local government officials have already asked that they assist in education, health and agriculture.
  • Money raised from Roger's End-to-End cycle ride will be sent to Tim and Miranda so that they can use it for Marromeu people. It will not be used for Tim and Miranda's own living expenses.

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