Roger Adams cycles End-to-End
Land's End to John O'Groats

The Cyclist

The team have borrowed a digital camera for the duration.
Here are some piccies of the main man, Roger himself:

Don't fall off now
Looking fresh, about to set off.

Some images censored to protect the innocent
I wonder will he be able to stand straight by the time he reaches John O'Groats?

Roger at Land's End
It's that way, Roger...

Roger on Clifton Bridge
Cool picture of Roger on Clifton Suspension Bridge, near Bristol, Day 4.

Roger on the Kirkstone Pass, Ullswater in the background
This picture was meant to be uphill, but Ruth missed...but she was trying to catch up with Roger who was zipping through Kendal, ignorant of the traffic jams which have a detrimental effect on red vans.

Roger and John at the start of Day 13
The webmaster and Roger at the start of Day 13. Notice the admiring glances from the backup team, who can't believe that Roger's bike can take John's weight!

Roger and John at the start of Day 13
The webmaster and Roger (again). If this was John after 10 metres cycling, what was he like after 5 miles?
Look! The sun was shining in Glasgow on Saturday morning.

Dornoch Firth
Roger at a viewpoint overlooking the Dornoch Firth (4 miles SW of Bonar Bridge). Three people gave us money at this viewpoint!

Bonar Bridge
Roger whizzing across Bonar Bridge. You'd never guess that this was his third go across the takes time to stage a spontaneous photograph!

Roger at John O'Groats
He's made it. But this was just before Riona knocked over his bike!

The backup team at John O'Groats
They made it too!