Faith in human nature

Siemens phoneI left my phone on the train this morning – it slipped out of my pocket. After a mild panic at work, I called ScotRail (sorry, First Scotrail) lost property and they had the phone. Someone on the train between Hairmyres and EK had handed it in. I got it back at Central Station for a £5 handling fee. Much cheaper than having to cancel an Orange contract with 9 months to run!

So, thanks to the kind person who didn’t just pocket the phone or call their auntie in Oz.

5 thoughts on “Faith in human nature

  1. Well, I wanted to include others apart from me, unless I’m the only human around? R4 was reporting tonight that all Americans were aliens so perhaps I should be saying “all us Brits…”

  2. OMG! I go to that station as well! :) I’m one of the many school children. When it snowed last time, i saw fox prints across the tracks :)

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