Old Cine Films

My parents owned a cine camera in the 1960s. Here are some old cine moments…

Note that there is no sound as it was a silent cine film (Super 8 ) camera. I’ve still to find a cine film sound track to add.

In the Garden
Picking potatoes and whizzing round the Taylor Houses garden on my trike.

Isa and Dickson back from the States
This was filmed at Aldergrove Airport just outside Belfast, sometime in the mid 1960s (I was the cute blond kid and I’m around 5 or 6).

New House
A short clip showing my Dad and cousin helping us to move into the new house in 1967.

Hamilton’s Bawn USC Shooting Team
In 1967 a team of part-time policemen from a small Co. Armagh village took on the might of the British Army in a shooting competition. This is what happened next.

Salter’s Grange Primary School
The small (3-teacher) school where both my Mum and Dad taught.

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