My grandfather John Adams and his brother James Meeke (Jimmy) Adams grew up in a small labourers cottage in Lisadian, near Whitecross in Co. Armagh. Jimmy lived there until his death in 1986.

I think this is the cottage, and I’ll verify with old family photos (when I can find them!).

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From visiting Jimmy with my Dad I remember that the cottage had one main room and two bedrooms, and there was no bathroom. The main room was full of Jimmy’s junk (ahem, antiques), and had an open fire where Jimmy boiled a kettle and cooked directly on the fire using a griddle.

2 thoughts on “Lisadian

  1. That’s it, I think. Could have sworn I had a photo of it adn disappointed to find I don’t. The head on image (above) is a bit misleading and makes it look a little smaller than it is. Move left a bit for a better view!

    I remember little about visiting. He wasn’t really set up for family visits!

  2. Is this John Adams a relative of Mary Ann Adams/Wallace/Sinclair? Born about 1829, married Thomas Sinclair 1854.

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