M.Sc. project: collaboration using GPS positioning in a wireless network

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GPS Resources

The following web-based resources will allow you to find out more about GPS and it's applications.

GPS equipment
GarminModels include eTrex Summit used for this project.
TrimbleMajor manufacturer of high-end systems.
MagellanAnother major GPS receiver manufacturer.
GPS technology
GPS overviewSuperb overview and introduction to GPS from Peter Dana
Co-ordinate systemsPeter Dana's introduction to co-ordinate systems
GPS Guide for BeginnersShort introduction from Garmin (524kb PDF file download).
GPS WorldOnline version of GPS World magazine. Some great articles on GPS and it's applications.
Joe MehaffeyJoe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website. Lots of GPS resources here
Glenn BaddeleyGlenn Baddeley GPS website. More good GPS resources here
UK GPS networkIncludes conversion routines from the OSGB.
GPS accuracyDavid L. Wilson's GPS Accuracy Web Page
Trimble guideExcellent introduction to GPS by one of the main manufacturers.
SA turned offThe end of Selective Availability on 1/5/2000
Satellite navigation alternatives
GLONASSRussian satellite navigation system.
GalileoEuropean system due to come on-line in 2008.
Map resources
Multimap.comIMHO, the best web-based mapping utility.
OSGBAs you would expect, good maps, but a little small... You are, however, allowed to have 10 maps for your personal use (e.g. on your website).
StreetmapStreetmap, a bit slower than multimap.
OSGB coordinate systems guideExcellent introduction to co-ordinate systems and conversion
US E-911 legislation
911dispatchResources related to E-911 legislation.
AT&T report to the FCCE911 Phase II Report.
FCC factsheetFCC Wireless 911 Requirements
Sugrue statementCongressional document stating the aims of E-911.
TelesentinelWorldwide choices for E-911. Good article on the technology choices for E-911 implementation.
Fun stuff
Headmap.comSome wacky ideas on the use of context-aware technology!
Geocaching.comLike orienteering with GPS. Find and raid caches hidden by others!
Java resources
Java home pageAll you need to know about Java is here
Java2D API2D graphics
Java3D API3D graphics and 3D sound.
Java3D tutorialJava3D tutorial - pdf file
J2EEJava 2 Enterprise Edition
javax.commJava Communications API
JMS APIJava Message Service
JMS TutorialJMS tutorial
JFC/SwingConstruct nice GUI's
SavaJeOS to allow Java programming for handheld devices.
SoftwiredAlternative JMS implementation.

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