Zio – new Italian restaurant in Armagh

Had lunch in a new Italian restaurant in Armagh with Mum today. Zio Cafe Bar. It’s in the old Whitsitts cookery shop on Market Place, and serves paninis/coffee/cakes as well as meals. It’s only been open a week and was recommended to us by one of the staff in the abbey bank.

The food was good. I had a penne arrabiata which had just the right amount of spiciness, and whole cherry tomatoes. Mum had a penne Zio – chicken in a tomato and pesto sauce. The espresso at the end was good.

The service was friendly and efficient, by real Italians.

The upstairs restaurant has good views through the big windows of Market Place. Unfortunately, the idea of a pedestrianised zone doesn’t really work in Armagh, and Market Place is essentially a city-centre car park.

Overall, a welcome addition to food places in Armagh. Certainly beats anywhere else we’ve been recently.

4 thoughts on “Zio – new Italian restaurant in Armagh

  1. Not sure that Armagh could be called ‘Ireland’s oldest city’ though (Zio website). I’d have given that award to Dublin (1000 years and all that).

  2. To quote from the Armagh history site:

    Saint Patrick built his stone church on the hill where the Anglican cathedral now stands as early as 444 AD.

    Sort of trumps the Vikings. They were so p***d off they raided the city circa 1000 AD and enslaved all the inhabitants.

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